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Winter ’20 Solution Guide

Copado prepares you for the DevOps world of tomorrow by offering a full DevOps CI/CD solution. Download our informative Winter ’20 Solution Guide to learn how to operate and scale your Salesforce investment with speed, quality and trust.

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43 pages

The number one question Salesforce customers are asking themselves now is how can they make the number one CRM cloud platform better? Choosing to invest in Salesforce is a smart and revolutionary decision, but are you ready to turn it up a notch? Simple. Invest in the best DevOps solution and implement a DevOps delivery strategy to operate and scale your Salesforce investment faster and with higher level of quality, trust and enterprise grade security than ever before.

DevOps is proven to increase delivery performance. Based on our State of Salesforce Survey, over 50% of respondents claim over one million in return in investment dollars and over 17% of respondents claim over $5 million in benefits. Ultimately, companies who chose to implement DevOps are seeing more money back in their pockets and an increase in productivity and efficiency. Essentially, in order to be able to truly compete in today’s market, DevOps is no longer a nice to have, it is a necessity…

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