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Define, automate, and improve your release
process with Copado

Finally faster, error-free Salesforce deployments

Achieve continuous delivery and continuous integration (CD / CI) with Copado all via an enterprise-class
developer platform that is 100% native and fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce Clouds.

How it Works

Copado's modern DevOps strategy is the best way to get results from your complex Salesforce environment

DevOps have more frequent code deployments, faster lead times, lower failure rates, and quicker incident recovery times

Copado by the Numbers



Metadata Components Deployed






Apex Tests Run



Profiles Deployed


Reduction on Deployment Time


Acceleration of Release Process


More Releases to Production


Increase the speed and efficiency of your development team

Copado Agile Planning

Allows non-deployment related users to define or work on User Stories within the same system as developers, without requiring an integration to external project management tools.

The fastest way to take your requirements live

Copado Release Management

Allows you and your team to manage the release process from development all the way to production.

Monitor your company's compliance requirements in real time

Copado Compliance Hub

To make sure an implementation is compliant, you have to ensure a clear definition of guidelines, process discipline and diligent manual checks. With Copado Compliance, your compliance team now has a technical safeguard and the ability to complete projects without looking for checkboxes after deployments.

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