Get Ready for Your SFDC DevOps Journey

Meet Copado and get certified at TrailheaDX India

TrailheaDX India

19 - 20th December, Bangalore

Bangalore International Exhibition Centre

Meet us at TrailheaDX India!

Stop by and meet the Copado team, run through a demo, and find out how you can get certified on Copado, the #1 Native DevOps Platform for Salesforce!

copado sessions at tdx

How to Achieve True CI/CD DevOps Success

David Pinett, Head of Academy - Copado
Canyon Theatre - 1:40 - 2:00 - Thursday 19th

Getting Certified on Saleforce DevOps

David Pinett, Head of Academy - Copado
Developer Theatre - 10:40 -11:00 - Friday 19th

Copado in the Demo Jam

Don't forget to stop by the Demo Jam and give your support to Copado! We'll be in the Forest Theatre at 5 pm to show of the Copado Platform!

See us at TrailheaDX India!