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#1 Native DevOps for Salesforce

The fastest path to continuous innovation.

Trusted by the largest brands across the globe

And trusted by Salesforce

End-to-end DevOps for Salesforce

Our platform enables salesforce.com customers to manage their end-to-end
Salesforce DevOps processes, compliance and testing, and agile planning.


Building and releasing Salesforce Apps can be complex

Your team facing any of these challenges?

  • Multiple production orgs
  • Multiple sandbox environments
  • Multiple diverse teams
  • Parallel streams of work
  • Large volumes of Salesforce metadata
  • Salesforce upgrades 3 times a year

Copado works with your existing tools

"Our flexible architecture allows you to work with the tools you already have including
integrations with your VCS & ALM tools, automation tools, and applications."
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