Automate Deployments with
Salesforce CI/CD

Harness the Power of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery for Salesforce Development Teams.

Optimize Your End-to-End Software Delivery Lifecycle with Copado CI/CD
fewer app failures
Say goodbye to expensive production issues and irritating downtime. Control every detail of the DevOps pipeline with quality gates and version control.
Faster App Deployment
Ramp up your time-to-market for new features and product updates. Put valuable innovation into the hands of your customers faster.
Faster Recovery
Spend less time fixing errors and more time creating mission-critical functionality that achieves your goals and drives your business forward.
More Value
Copado unlocks greater business value. Keep up with business requests, fulfill the needs of business users and enjoy overall productivity gains.

Reduce Defects with Quality-Driven Pipelines for Salesforce and Beyond

Ready to innovate with speed and quality? Eliminate silos between teams and guarantee continuous quality by embedding testing into DevOps.

Copado's Low-Code DevOps Platform

We're redefining the standard DevOps building blocks required for any platform with Copado Actions.

Derisk Your Salesforce Development with Copado Robotic Testing

92% of Salesforce teams miss the mark when it comes to testing. Why? Countless cloud configurations and integrations make it tough to lock down 100% test coverage via traditional QA methods. As a result, untested code changes lead to buggy releases, costly repairs and wonky customer experiences.


Key Features

Low-Code Orchestration:

We make it easy for non-technical admins to master drag-and-drop Job Templates and create point-and-click Pipeline Builders. Control the order of your change migration — from development orgs to production orgs.

Copado Actions & Copado Functions:

Run any script you need from directly inside Copado to execute commits, deployments, promotions and tests on Salesforce. No coding required.

Advanced Branching Strategy:

Copado’s branching strategy is User Story-centric. When commits happen, Copado merges feature branches into the org’s master branch. This keeps the org in sync with the metadata in the branch.

Future-Proof Conflict Resolution:

Check metadata added to user stories for potential conflicts. Copado learns how you resolve conflicts and automatically applies the right solution if the same conflict strikes again.

Promotion and Back Promotion:

Promote user stories upstream or downstream across your development environments. Minimize org differences from a metadata perspective.


Get peace of mind with instant damage control. Scrutinize and select the specific changes you want to roll back across Salesforce metadata (including nested components) and other components.

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