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A DevOps Market Readiness Report

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21 pages

We find ourselves at the pinnacle of technological innovation, where the speed of technology changes has outmatched customary best practices. Enterprise companies find it hard to keep in such a frenetic and ever changing market. Based on the leading market surveys completed over the last 3 years, this guide provides a view into the new metrics that are driving DevOps adoption.

The market expectation for new innovation is ever growing, transforming the way we develop and deliver digital experiences. Every year, thousands of companies spend millions of dollars to make Salesforce the foundation of their Digital Transformation Strategy. With such a large investment, you want to ensure you are getting the maximum return. New research shows the best way to maximize the output of your Salesforce investment is to match it with a DevOps strategy that will unify the entire team and optimize the delivery pipeline. Salesforce DevOps has become mission critical for every executive charged with delivering the next generation of customer experience. Ultimately, a DevOps solution for Salesforce, such as…



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