Supports up to ___ Production Salesforce Orgs (more available with added licensing)
Select and Deploy Salesforce Metadata
Full metadata support
Metadata grouping, sorting and filtering
Org comparison and change detection
Save multiple draft deployments
One click re-deploy & clone deployment
Version Control for Salesforce Metadata
Integration with Jira, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, Azure DevOps
Integration with any Git provider
Capture org snapshots in version control
Deploy from version control
Custom CI Jobs to backup, schedule, automate & validate deployments
Metadata backup and rollback
Code reviews using pull requests
Data Deploy
Organize & Deploy changes by User Story
Agile planning and team collaboration tools
Organize changes (metadata, data, scripts, etc.) into user stories
Synchronize version control, agile planning, and environments
Merge and validate Salesforce metadata
Dynamically build deployments by selecting and filtering user stories
Synchronize development environments with back-promotions
Deploy Data Between Environments
Deploy data for a single object
Deploy Vlocity configuration data
Deploy complex relational data
Create and Manage Data Templates
Deploy configuration data (CPQ, nCino, CloudSense)
Seed lower environments with production data
Override filters upon deployment
Mask data in flight to lower environments
Deploy Lightning Files and classic attachment
Automatically match record user lookups and record types
Visualize data schema being deployed
Automate Deployments and Tests
Automate or schedule deployments
Automate or schedule deployments
Webhooks and external CI jobs to embed external services in the delivery pipeline
Replace environment-specific details such as IDs and usernames on the fly
Metadata fast lane to expedite safe changes to production
Dynamically select Apex tests to run
Dynamically choose tests based on metadata
Trigger Apex tests and track results
Trigger static analysis and track results
Compliance Hub for Salesforce Org Security and Governance
Automatically detect metadata faults that impact security or compliance
Specify different compliance rules and groups for different environments
Warn or prevent developers from committing or deploying changes that violate policy
Monitor orgs for compliance violations
Monitor compliance trends over time
Analyze Performance to Enable Continuous Improvement
Customizable Salesforce reports and dashboards on Copado metrics
Value Stream Mapping tool to identify DevOps performance bottlenecks
Value Stream Mapping for any Salesforce object
Ess+ = Included with Essentials+

DD = With Data Deploy add-on

CH = With Compliance Hub Add-on

VSM = With Value Stream Mapping Add-on
User Type
Feature by User Type
Plan License
$15 / User / mo.
User License
$250 / User / mo.
Admin License