AI-Driven Test Automation for Salesforce

Build unbreakable Salesforce tests in minutes with Copado's fleet of virtual robots.

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Luke Cushanik

End-to-End Testing Across Salesforce & Beyond

Salesforce is no longer just a CRM — it's an entire ecosystem of mission-critical apps, managed packages and third-party plugins. To stay competitive, teams must now test and deliver across this complex ecosystem at lightning speed.

The Salesforce Ecosystem

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Common Salesforce Testing Challenges

Change is

Every update needs to be validated to make sure it doesn’t break configurations and functionality.


Your testing solution must be configured to enable testing across both low-code and pro-code Salesforce layers.


Salesforce is filled with elements that are tricky to test — from fields and objects to shadow DOMs and IFrames.

Salesforce &

It’s difficult to scale end-to-end testing across workflows that span Salesforce & other cloud apps.

Looking for an easier way to test Revenue Cloud?

Visit our Revenue Cloud Resource hub to watch video's and browse articles on how to successfully (and easily) test CPQ and Billing functionality.

Test smarter — not longer.

Real results from Copado's customers

faster testing
Generate hundreds of scripts in minutes with the fastest testing solution for Salesforce.
Fewer Failures
Catch bugs before launch and keep Salesforce updates from breaking your scripts with self-healing AI.
More coverage
Scale end-to-end testing across your clouds and control robots with clicks — not code.

The no-code approach to a next-level enterprise experience

Here’s how we enable your team through a successful transformation

Get started quickly without any hardware
  • Get access in seconds without having to worry about setup costs and securing expensive equipment. Set up and execute test automation across any cloud, browser, platform, or mobile device.
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Create your first test in minutes, not months
  • Design test cases in minutes via command-based keywords (QWords), visual recordings, and Flow Editor. Learn to script in hours — not days — with little to no technical expertise
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Scale on the fly with cloneable robots
  • Need more firepower? Clone robots tailored to your Salesforce instance with concurrent test scripts across Classic, Lightning and any other version of Salesforce
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Testing business-critical app integrations
  • Prevent your Salesforce apps from breaking at the worst possible time — from CPQ and nCino to Veeva, or any other SaaS solution, even mobile!
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Increase productivity without the maintenance manic
  • Automated self-healing means you don’t have to worry about scripts breaking when systems change. Simply let the robots assess and click a button to update
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Derisk Your Salesforce Development with Copado Robotic Testing

92% of Salesforce teams miss the mark when it comes to testing. Why? Countless cloud configurations and integrations make it tough to lock down 100% test coverage via traditional QA methods. As a result, untested code changes lead to buggy releases, costly repairs and wonky customer experiences.


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