Visualize the flow of work from request to delivery
Understanding how work flows enables you to make more strategic decisions about process improvement
Expose bottlenecks, waste, and risk in your process
Targeting areas of improvement can help improve how teams operate so they deliver value faster
Plan work and distribute resources based on value
Prioritize work based on value added to the business, and dedicate resources to areas with the highest ROI

Continuous Improvement

From Value-Driven Planning to Process Re-Engineering, Value Stream Maps Enable Continuous Improvement in Your DevOps Practice

Bring Visibility to End-to-End DevOps Processes

Define your entire development lifecycle to visualize how value is delivered to customers.

Highlight Opportunities for Improvement

Target areas in need of improvement by using thresholds to easily identify bottlenecks, waste, inefficiencies, and risks.

Tie Business Value to Technical Delivery

Plan and prioritize work based on concrete value added to the business and prove the ROI of dev teams.

Are you ready to revolutionize your Salesforce development cycle?