Copado's DevOps Methodology:

Five Steps to Measuring DevOps Success

How elite SaaS development teams scale fast and unlock opportunities for innovation.

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Setting Benchmarks

The success of your software development hinges on how your team works together. Unfortunately, many development projects fail because stakeholders don't set the right benchmarks for success. They wind up locked into a DevOps methodology that does little to accelerate release cycles, improve quality, reduce risk and — ultimately — drive ROI.

Tracking Roadblocks

Another maturity model isn’t going to move the needle. You need a set of steps to help you identify where you’re struggling — and how to fix the problem. Copado has developed a solution that provides real value for your unique challenges.

Copado’s Five Steps: How Do They Support Your DevOps Methodology?

Your DevOps methodology shouldn’t be linear. It's a process of continuous improvement.

Why do DevOps maturity models tend to be ineffective? Because they’re steeped in theory — not real-world use cases.

Copado’s Five Steps to DevOps Success are built on the ever-present pain that SaaS development teams experience on a daily basis. Each step provides a framework to help you gauge your current struggles and prioritize improvements. Driving digital disruption in your industry comes down to visibility, quality, speed, innovation and resilience.


Begin by ensuring your teams have access to the right information at the right time. Teams need to see the big picture - the development pipeline. And be able to see all the information related to a user story in one place. Everyone on the team, both pro-coders and non-coders need access to this information. Version control gives visibility into changes over time. That’s table stakes for today’s cloud transformations — and is leveraged by 88% of development teams per the 2021 State of Salesforce DevOps Report. Value stream management gives you visibility into metrics and bottlenecks across the end-to-end workflow.


You need quality training, quality processes, quality communication, and quality tools. Shift left. Test early and often. And tap into automation to improve pipeline quality. Copado Robotic Testing is proven to reduce production failures by 78%. This AI-powered automated testing platform is cloud-based, low-code and features a collaborative UI.


Automate deployment and increase development velocity with low-code CI/CD. Stop wasting time manually creating, syncing and refreshing environments. Copado unlocks 20X faster releases by proactively addressing conflicts and bottlenecks, automating manual tasks and templatizing pipelines.


Validate the business impact of new innovations to prove DevOps is making a difference. By 2023, seven in 10 teams will use value stream management to improve DevOps pipeline flow and expedite the delivery of customer value. DevOps maturity helps you move from value stream mapping to value stream delivery. See bottlenecks as they happen and prioritize work by impact.


Adapt to ever-changing customer expectations and market conditions. Digital disrupters have the resilience to absorb or deflect any challenges — driving organizational learning and continuous improvement. By 2024, 75% of large enterprises will be using AI-enabled test automation to support continuous testing across the DevOps lifecycle. Feedback loops across each previous step empower resilient teams.

Crash Course to DevOps Success

Low-code SaaS solutions drive digital transformation

Copado customers deploy 20x faster with 78% fewer production errors

DevOps methodologies emphasize building a feedback loop for software improvement. We facilitate this by offering a way to connect all the disparate tools.

With Copado, you can connect across platforms, clouds, and applications. Our easy integrations and customizable options allow everyone in your organization to work as a team to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

Copado’s 5 Steps to DevOps Success

Follow the 2022 Playbook for Cloud Development Teams

The eBook of the year is finally here. Become a digital disruptor in five steps: Visibility, Quality, Speed, Innovation and Resilience.

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