More Value from Salesforce, Faster


Accelerate Releases

Build release pipelines to deploy Salesforce metadata and
seamlessly synchronize all of your orgs.


Minimize Risk

Leverage built-in quality gates and testing automation to
improve quality and ensure compliance.
And do it all on the secure, trusted Salesforce Platform.


Prebuilt Integrations

Our flexible architecture allows you to work with the version control, ALM and automation tools you already use.


Streamline Agile Planning

Simplify sprint and feature planning with user stories, epics and integrations with Azure DevOps, Jira and more.


Get DevOps Insights

Measure and monitor with DevOps 360 Analytics and
continually improve agile adoption and processes with
Value Stream Maps.


Built for Salesforce Teams

With the #1 Native DevOps solutions for Salesforce, teams see value in weeks, not months or years.

Experience DevOps Results

46% Increase to Salesforce ROI
5X More Releases
94% Fewer Production Bugs

    Copado DevOps Value Stream Platform

    The Copado DevOps Value Stream Platform

    Measure and monitor with DevOps 360 Analytics and continually improve agile adoption and processes with Value Stream Maps.

    • Transform Faster
    • Deliver Value Safely
    • Align Business with IT
    • Scale With Confidence
    • Empower Your Team

    Explore the Copado Platform

    The FASTEST and SAFEST way to build transformation on Salesforce.


    Collaborative Development

    • Organize work by user story
    • Admin-friendly version control
    • Copado CLI


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    Value Driven Planning

    • Manage stories, sprints, etc.
    • Tie work to business goals
    • Integrate with Jira & Azure


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    • Continuous Compliance
    • Automatic Script Building
    • AI Adaptive Testing


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    DevOps 360 Analytics

    • Value Stream Maps
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Salesforce Reports & Dashboards


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    Continuous Delivery

    • Pipeline visualization
    • Deploy by user story
    • Quality gates and back deploys


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    See how Copado enabled KUKA to implement a true DevOps process and eliminated the need for manual intervention. 

    One Platform. Unlimited Power. 

    Copado gives enterprises an integrated solution for every part of the development process. Automate or minimize manual tasks, and get complete visibility of the release pipelines and the flow of data and metadata between environments. This is the tool you need to ensure software quality, improve productivity, ease releases, improve governance and compliance, and reduce costs. 





    Enable a Collaborative Enterprise DevOps Culture

    Copado is focused on helping improve team productivity and collaboration across diverse DevOps teams. With Copado, teams can communicate, assign tasks and create team-centric workflows with timely, efficient hand-offs and feedback loops across the DevOps chain.

    Copado enables you to delegate roles & responsibilities and control visibility and permissions to access their Salesforce environments, metadata, orgs, application functionality, outcomes and job history. You can also send custom team notifications for all deployment and automation activity on Chatter or by integrating tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat.





    Complete visibility and intelligence across your pipelines

    Copado provides complete visibility across the development lifecycle. See your entire release pipeline and ensure the quality and compliance of your releases. With pre-built reports & dashboards and exception-based alerts and notifications, your team can always ensure release quality and process compliance.

    You can run regression tests, set up compliance rules and run automated jobs to continuously monitor and scan your releases to alert you in real-time to exceptions or issues such as unwanted changes being made straight into production. You can run automated analysis of your Apex code every day to detect code quality and security risks. Copado maintains the complete history of changes made across your orgs and individuals as well as teams can be alerted to events and exceptions.




    Automation drives improved efficiency and governance

    Copado automates many of the manual, repetitive tasks while also providing wizards for on-boarding and repository-related tasks. Copado standardizes and automates complex deployments across all environments thus speeding up deployment time while greatly reducing errors and failed deployments. Also, with Job scheduling you can schedule and automate many jobs. Copado enables you to build security and compliance practices into the toolchain to ensure consistency. Enable self-service deployments while also maintaining governance and control.





    Enforcing Continuous Compliance for Salesforce DevOps

    Copado provides the only compliance solution in the market that allows you to define and enforce compliance rules on your business for all metadata changes made in your environments. The Compliance Hub monitors your release process to ensure changes comply with your enterprise rules and provides deep compliance scans on a periodic basis to ensure admin changes do not accidentally violate these same policies.

    This solution automatically alerts or prevents deployments with compliance violations according to customizable criteria. These exception reports help you detect and prevent data leaks and exposure of confidential data. All this enables IT teams to balance the need to deliver software faster with the need to stay compliant and protect critical enterprise data and processes. Compliance Hub enables enterprises to deliver applications that meet top industry regulatory standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA etc.


    Security and Trust



    Embedding continuous security assurance for Salesforce DevOps

    Improving your company’s security posture in the age of continuous delivery means breaking down the barriers between security and the rest of your organization. Copado offers a highly secure platform that implements many security features, policies and best practices to orchestrate their Salesforce DevOps processes in a secure and auditable manner. Copado incorporates enterprise-grade security, authentication and authorization features that ensure your development processes are fully secured from enterprise-directed threats. It also helps you set and manage security groups, security roles, permission levels, visibility and access controls based on user profiles and personas.


    Pipeline Builders



    Copado is constantly innovating and leveraging Salesforce

    Copado is constantly innovating and leveraging Salesforce functionality to empower users with a flexible release management platform. Copado’s Pipeline Builders enable Copado Admins and Release Managers to visually define and manage key DevOps workflows and processes by defining criteria that will automatically trigger any of the available Copado jobs in the org in the sequence that they specify. You can use Flows to integrate 3rd party tools into your workflow, and combine Copado activities with your own custom processes.


    Performance and Scale


    Industrial-grade Performance & Scalability

    Copado’s platform ensures DevOps that’s designed for all participants in the process—Dev, Ops, PM, Compliance, Business and delivers industrial grade performance for all the users across the DevOps chain. Built to scale across a large number of teams and applications, Copado uses a highly scalable approach where metadata changes are simple to make and propagate to all environments. No need to maintain complicated scripts or workflows for each deployment instance.





    Robust Integration framework helps leverage existing investments

    Copado offers a robust set of APIs to integrate with existing investments including release management tools, repositories and apps. Copado’s flexible architecture allows you to securely work with the tools you already have including VCS & ALM tools, in-house or cloud-based repositories, automation tools, and applications thus helping you better leverage your existing investments. Being 100% Salesforce native, Copado is fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce clouds. You can also integrate External CI systems as steps in Copado deployments. Currently, Copado supports external CI tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo and TeamCity.

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